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Dog Facts

The U.S. War Dogs Association does a great deal for our present and veteran dog handlers and our military service dogs. There are many stories, news, and information about these brave and dedicated handlers and dogs. Visit their site and you will be amazed at what they are doing and have done for our country. I hope that you will help and support them. George


Check the numbers. There are over 300 breeds of dogs in the world. Over 30% of U.S households have a dog. that equates to over 50,000,000 dogs.

Speed x distance = Greyhounds. So, a Cheetah can run at 65 Miles Per Hour and a Greyhound only at 40 Miles Per Hour. But, the Cheetah can only run that speed for short distances to catch game. A Greyhound can keep up that speed for up to 7 miles.

When humans come home and the dog is acting very strange or shy and then they find the accident they think that the dog feels guilty. Dogs don’t feel guilt. They never develop many of the negative feelings that humans have like shame, guilt, etc. What they are feeling is that they know they are about to be punished.

Dog don’t have to bark to communicate. Watch their tail and what they are doing. According to Stanley Coren – my favorite dog expert – A tail that is straight up with maybe just the tip moving is a sign of dominance and threat. It is saying, keep your distance. A tail that is lower and is swung in a broader motion means no threat and perhaps a greeting.



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