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Books written by Greg Plank

Black Dog Redemption by Greg Plank
Black Dog Redemption: Faith Over Fear, is an action novel dedicated to our military, law enforcement and the greatest companion of all…dogs. 

You may never look at your dog or any dog in the same way again. When the black dog is found at a murder scene, fear, loyalty, love and the ghosts of war begin to converge. Lives will be challenged and changed, but for the good or bad? Is the black dog the ancient symbol of death and the devil, or a sign of a better future and redemption for three troubled souls?

When Edwin and Lee Christian opened the St. George Inn on the square of an historic and idyllic mountain town they had no idea of how brutal the future might be. When Noah Harris returned from Iraq and ran for sheriff to protect the mountain folks that he loved, he had no clue of how difficult that might become. For over thirty years Cliff Barr had been hiding on the mountain trying to forget the tragedies of Vietnam. The world was about to find him.

The almost forgotten legend of the Cherokees’ Black Dogs comes to life in a very real and life changing way.

Saving the Hotel St. George, a novel based on events he has observed in his 45 year hotel  career…truth is stranger than fiction when dealing with people on the road.

Saving the Hotel St. George is a delightful read and a fascinating back-stairs look into the operations of a hotel and the hotel industry. The plot is captivating, the characters are straight out of corporate America, and the author moves it all along at a nice clip.

Jeannine Addams – Public Relations Counsel

The world of hotels in hospitality was accurately depicted in many of the scenes in Arthur Haileys’s 1960s HOTEL.

Greg Plank combined real world background and experiences to this approach in Saving the St. George. I recommend this as an excellent successor to HOTEL.

Dr. John Hogan CHA CHE



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