Dog On Life



Here are a few excerpts from Black Dog Redemption: Faith Over Fear 

Excerpt #1

After two beers, Squirrel Simpson wasn’t having much luck catching any fish. The river
was running fast from the thunderstorms the day before. He called his son Ned and they
moved upstream toward the big pool in the river. The water would be calmer there. Ned
was twelve years old and moved faster than his father. As Squirrel came out of the thicket
near the river pool, Ned was frozen in his tracks staring straight ahead. Twenty yards in
front of him was a black dog tied to a tree. The rope was cutting into the fur around the
dog’s neck. He wasn’t growling, but he showed a good set of teeth, and his eyes were
locked on Ned.

Excerpt #2

“On the third day that George was in the inn, a toddler who was just starting to walk grabbed George by the ear to steady himself. The dog never flinched. He patiently led the child over to his parents, who were checking in, and sat down with the toddler still holding on to his ear for support. Lee noticed the toddler with a good grip on George’s ear, but George was wagging his tail so she didn’t interrupt the dog’s apparent mission. When the parents started to apologize and reprimand the child, Lee told them not to be upset. George obviously didn’t mind. Even with all of his kind traits, George just didn’t go to some people with the enthusiasm he showed toward others. He was always a gentleman in the canine, or even human sense, but displayed his trust and affection based on some instinct.”

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