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George, the Black Dog As a “Black Dog”, I understand more of the English language than most and I even create my own blogs…humans and the strange things they do fascinate me. I do need the help of my human friend. Paws don’t work well on a keyboard. If you don’t believe me, put on a pair of mittens and send me an email. I’m not exactly your normal family dog. I’m not even a particular breed.

Over two hundred years ago, the Cherokees in North Georgia bred their hounds with the settlers’ black Labradors. Their hounds were fairly noisy in the woods. The Labs were quieter. What they got was a dog that hunted silently. Our black coats blend in with the foliage. During the “Trail of Tears”…when the Cherokee Nation was forced to move from North Georgia to Oklahoma, one old man was left behind because of his age and health. For the next ten years the old man took care of and raised the Black Dogs.

At night, in his loneliness, he would tell the dogs stories about the great warriors and the spirit of the medicine men. The legend says that over time the dogs understood, and instinctively took on some of those traits. They developed a unique instinct for people, character, and loyalty. We don’t bark or growl, but when we sense evil or danger, we make a sound that comes from our souls.

My Human

Greg Plank with Bogey

I’ve admitted that I have a human who helps me with my typing…it’s the “Paws don’t work well on key boards” thing. So, in all fairness, he also feeds me well. I should introduce him. Humans live longer than dogs and he is no spring chicken, so from what I understand, he has been in the hotel business most of his life in some pretty good positions. I credit him with the recent “bring your dog to our hotel movement”. Actually, I think that it was the advancement in flea protection for dogs, but give humans a hand for whatever they can do for us four pawed protectors. As I understand it, he has traveled over a million miles…I guess that’s a lot…I have no idea what a mile is.

He likes people and dogs and he likes talking with them. Yes, he talks to dogs. I’m really the only one who understands him completely from the canine side. He has some great children and grandchildren who treat me well and give me treats. He is a loving human who believes in GOD and His Son. I do too, because dogs were put here to give humans an example of how to live with loyalty and without the stress of guilt and all of that. He also has two books that he has written: Saving The Hotel St. George. It’s a story about what really happens in hotels, and Black Dog Redemption which is my story from the black dog legend and our last adventure.

My human, Greg Plank, is the author of two books:

Saving the Hotel St George a novel based on events he has observed in his 45 year hotel career…truth is stranger than fiction when dealing with people on the road.

Black Dog Redemption, Warriors, Cops and Dogs – an action novel dedicated to our military, law enforcement and the greatest companion of all…dogs.

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