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As the human who uses the keyboard for George, I have become very close with him.  I have watched George and studied the behavior of dogs as seen by experts. After a good deal of thought, I believe that both George and I understand that God gave us good dogs as an example of how to live a good and enjoyable life. Can we prove that without question? No, but there is just too much information now available to prove that God did give us good dogs for a reason.


  • Start with the name God and see that dog is God spelled backwards.  It is a clue. But the really interesting thing is that people who study Etymology – the study of word origins and meaning changes throughout history – find some similarities in words that went before these two words, but there is no concrete time when the words God and dog came into common use. Isn’t it strange that these two words would evolve to be so close in spelling and pronunciation?
  • Dr. Stanley Coren, noted behaviorist at the University of British Columbia who has over two decades of research in dog psychology, motivations and behavior and several books, observes:
    • Dogs have the same brain structures that produce emotions in humans. Dogs even have oxytocin, which in humans is involved with love and affection. So, it seems reasonable to suggest that dogs also have emotions similar to ours.
    • However, it is important not to go overboard: The mind of a dog is roughly equivalent to that of a human who is 2 to 2 ½ years old.
    • Children at that age aren’t fully emotionally developed, but dogs develop much quicker. So children and dogs have the emotions of joy, fear, anger, disgust, excitement, contentment, distress, and even love.
    • A dog does not have, and will not develop, more complex emotions, like guilt, pride, contempt, and shame.
  • John Bradshaw, noted Dog Psychologist and Behaviorist and author of Dog Sense: How the New Science Can Make You Better Friend to Your Pet observes, “And surprisingly, most dogs, given the choice, will actually prefer human company to other dog company.”
  • Mark Derr, in the Wall Street Journal LIFE & CULTURE online section observed: “The relationship between dogs and humans has been so mutually beneficial and enduring that some scholars have suggested that we – dog and human – influenced each other’s evolution.”


George and I agree that God gave us good  dogs so that we could, through observation and relationships with them, learn to live like them emotionally and enjoy life more. From the above statements, consider: The names of God and dogs appeared in much the same way with no traceable time when the words came into common use…a coincidence? You decide. Dogs have the same brain structure and hormones that produce love and affection in humans, and they have the same emotions as a young child…before the child develops many of the negative emotions that can make life miserable. Dogs don’t have the emotions of guilt, pride, contempt and shame. The emotions that humans drag around with them in life, like heavy mental and ego busting stones.  It is not hard to imagine how much better our life would be without them. I venture to say that dogs don’t remember or worry that they missed a rabbit two weeks ago. Our pride won’t let us forget. They don’t feel guilt that freezes their self-esteem. We are promised forgiveness, yet we carry the guilt for a lifetime. Dogs have a way of discovering a situation and either doing something about it, or ignoring it. Our pride and fear of shame in failure keeps us from doing that.

Finally, as Bradshaw observes, “Most dogs given the choice will actually prefer human company.” If you are going to put something here to teach those you’ve created, wouldn’t you make it irresistible? One other thing that you might do is as Derr observes, “The relationship between dogs and humans has been so mutually beneficial and enduring that some scholars have suggested that we – dog and human – influenced each other’s evolution.” You would make it a mutual and evolving experience and relationship…much like love, which the dog to man relationship definitely is.

A Very Good Dog

Bogey – One of the very Best Dogs





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