Dog On Life

When the alpha dog bites the hand that feeds the whole pack

As a dog, I can understand a bit of what I hear on the magic box. In a dog pack, we have hunters who bring the food in for all of us. We all hunt, but some are very good at it and they share a good amount among us. They provide the food for the sick and the weak, but those who don’t even try to take care of themselves and the pack don’t get very much or they get asked to leave the pack. If we took more of what the good hunters caught and gave it to those who don’t want to hunt or try to, why should the good hunters bust their butts? Then the whole pack suffers.

That’s why I can’t understand why the Alpha Dog Human was saying bad things about the humans who are good hunters of money. They are the ones who give the others places to hunt or work, and they pay most of money that the pack gets in that paying tacks thing. I guess that when you are a politicat, you’ll say anything and pick on anyone to keep the Alpha Human thing going for yourself.


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