Dog On Life

Yeah Bubba!

My human went nuts last night as he was watching that game with the dented little balls. There was a guy who hit that ball out of the woods and made it curve faster than a frisbee in a tornado. As it turns out, he won the green something and a lot of money. The thing that I enjoyed the most was that he didn’t seem to care about being very popular or hiding his feelings. I guess that this was a special place he was playing with a lot of history. I would love to sniff on that well cut grass. But I have a strong instinct that if you pee on a bush there you get asked to leave immediately.

This guy, his name is Bubba…not exactly your normal high society name…has a go-get-them way of playing with those crooked sticks. After he won, they made him give a little speech. It made me an instant fan. He said, “Go Dawgs”, but what was special is that he talked about and thanked a lot of people and didn’t brag about himself. He thanked the big dogs and the little dogs. I think that there’s a lot of dog in Bubba. With us it’s generally about enjoying each day, being our self and appreciating others.

And I think that the world now knows that the dog named Bubba can hunt!

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