Dog On Life

You have to train the bad dogs first

My human, his friends and I were back at the outside place where they serve the fancy brown liquid. I wish we could meet across the street at the hamburger place.

Anyway, the humans were talking about what I thought was jogging. I finally figured out I Ran was really a place and it isn’t a friendly place to us.

They have some I-ah-told-uz guys and a really crazy politicat in charge. They are working on a weapon that can do a lot of damage to a lot of people and we don’t want that to happen. A lot of humans agree and a lot of human packs in something called the UN have put sank-things against them. I think those are like keeping things away from them. But, they keep coming up with excuses so they don’t have to talk about this weapon thing and they keep working on it. My human said that they have done this many times. It’s called stalling…which is not a place that you keep a horse. They do it to ignore you and keep doing what they want.

A lot of dogs do that when a human calls them or tells them no. They keep doing what they want to do. In our dog world, the only way to get dogs to act right, especially the crazy or bad dogs, is to show them who is boss. In the pack, that’s when the Alpha Dog stops barking and lays a few fangs on them to get their attention. When a human is involved, that’s when the collar, leash, and learning exactly what no means comes in. That dip-o-mat thing only works when the person or dog you are trying to dip with respects you. I think it’s time to get out the leash, or maybe even the shock collar.

This is more than a game of “come here, Fido.”

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