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Military Dogs and Handlers Understand “The Bond”

My human took me for a walk yesterday…then he made me proud.

The walk didn’t go over big with the visiting relatives. It was raining outside. Actually, it was doing that “raining cats and dogs” thing. High winds and lots of water. When we had finished the three miles and came back inside, I knew that I’d get the “nothing worse than the smell of a wet dog”…obviously cat people. Hell, cats are afraid to go out in the rain. I was surprised when they gave my human a hard time. He was crazy to do it and maybe end up sick.  That’s when I got proud.

My human told them that a little rain was far less than what the military dogs and handlers are doing in some place called Afgan-stand or something. He said that there the human and the dog are carrying full gear and it’s 120 degrees in the shade, and they may get hurt…or worse. They depend on each other to stay alive and help save others. To do that, the humans and the dogs understand that the dog to human bond is based on each willing to do things they may not like to do and going places that aren’t exactly fun or friendly.

“Walking in the rain is the least I can do for George, when the brave dog teams in combat walk in much worse conditions every day and they don’t complain. The dog to human bond is give a lot and get a lot…more of a bond and devotion to each other that few will ever experience. The room got very quiet. My human took me into the kitchen, dried me off, got a beer and gave me a Milk Bone…the biggest they make.

When you understand the bond, life is good…even in bad weather and crappy places. If you really want to understand all of this and see some heroes, go to

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