Dog On Life

It’s What You’ve Done…Not How Loud You Bark !

Ten of us dogs were talking at the catch a disc competition. My human took me there to try to get me interested. I didn’t have the same puppy-hood as your normal dog. I was brought up in the woods and if it doesn’t have fur or feathers, forget it. The humans were talking about the alpha human thing and how negative the whole thing called an e-something is getting. It took me back to my younger days in the pack.

The elder dogs had gotten upset with the Alpha Dog. He had won the competition for the spot, but that was about all he had done in the past few years. He had picked his favorite friends who were, well, all butt sniffers for the Alpha. He gave them strange titles like: Main Human Sniffer, Squirrel Locator, Cat-First to Bark. You get the idea. He also gave them the right to eat first even, if they hadn’t caught anything to help the pack The elders picked one of the best hunters in the pack and declared a new competition based on things that the Alpha Dog and the Hunter had done. When the night came for the two dogs to tell their tale, the Hunter Dog went first and talked about the game he had caught, the times that he and two others had defended the pack from the bears, and how he and ten others had set up a how-to-hunt program for the puppies. It was pretty impressive.

Then it was the Alpha Dog’s turn. He talked about how the bears had made it harder to catch game to eat, how he had improved the Human Sniffing, Squirrel Locating and Cat-Barking all at the little cost of free food and first in line. He could tell that a lot of tails weren’t wagging, so he started into putting the Hunter Dog down. He was too smelly. He shed too much. He was three colored. He always had to catch the biggest game instead of letting others try, even if they didn’t chase very hard. It didn’t take long for the pack to decide that a new alpha dog deserved a chance.

Soon, every dog ate in the order of who caught the most game, sniffed a human when they wanted to, located their own squirrels, and handled cats when they wanted to. The pack also got together and all went after the bears. The bears stopped showing up trying to steal food. It’s hard to take on the whole pack when they work together.The eat in the order of what you caught had most of the pack trying a lot harder and respecting others. Dogs don’t go to school and humans do. It makes you wonder what humans are taught and how well they listen and think.

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