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If dogs acted like politicians…the pounds would be full

Rufus came over to hang around the other day. A good looking poodle moved in next door. I told him to forget about her. My human said that her owner had the wrong kind of sticker thing on his bumper. Rufus started talking about how depressed his human has been since all the talk of the physical cliff started. According to Rufus, his human said that the politicats can’t agree on how to pay for everything that they are giving away. They don’t have enough bones, so they’re talking about stealing bones from one person to give them to another person.

You can get your butt bitten pretty bad if you do that to a dog. What’s worse, the politicats are being hard headed when they talk and they certainly don’t listen. It’s all a bunch of barking. Of course, as humans do, they are nice when face to face and then start blaming the other person for being stubborn, greedy or stupid behind their back. They should have fur and tails like dogs. When we are trying to be nice face to face, but we don’t like the other dog, or person for that matter, our tail might be wagging, but the fur on the back of our necks is up.

One of the problems seems to be that the one big dog is throwing threats and trying to use the power of his position. That’s not getting respect, that’s bullying with fear. To get respect, you have to give respect and that goes both ways. If all the dogs in the pounds and pet stores acted like the politicats do, who would adopt them? I sure know that if I acted that way, my human would send me back to the pound. I guess that humans get to do that with politicats every two years or so.

For their own sake and the good of their pack, I hope that they pay better attention next time.

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