Dog On Life

Business: Betting on Companies

Humans are strange at best, but when it comes to business…the thing that keeps them all in bones and kibble… they are confusing at best. My human was watching that business show on the lighted box last night. They talk about how things did on the “Big Board”, whatever that is, and they talk about business people. A story came up about a guy who created a product and worked hard to build a company. A lot of people invested in the company…I think that’s when the put money in to make money. Well, in this company they all made enough money to buy a lot of bones and kibble. Apparently, the guy has done things so that he can be the alpha guy for a long time and control what he built. That makes “dog sense” to me. Well, a lot of people have the opinion that he isn’t being fair and should have every person who puts money in get a vote on how to run the company. That’s probably good for big companies where the alpha guys change a lot, but maybe not for a company or pack that has the right alpha at the top. From a dog’s point of view, it seems that a guy who develops something and a lot of people make money on his efforts should be able to keep running things. To us, life has a lot of chances that you take. We do our best to do the best thing or trust the right alpha dog, but there isn’t anything certain in life. It’s like if my human bets on a race horse. He might make money or he might not, but he doesn’t get to tell the jockey how to run the race. Some humans think that it’s wise to let a lot of people run the company, but as Rufus says, “A camel is a horse built by committee.”