Dog On Life


Old Mr. Frick came over to sit on the porch and talk about how the world is changing. He does that at least twice a week. He says he needs to talk common sense and you don’t always get that from the lighted box. Mr. Frick was a school teacher for a long time. Last night he said that humans who teach today have been made to taken a complete turn and are chasing their tails. That got my interest. Last Sunday Mr. Frick went to family dinner with his daughter and his grandchildren. The kids are 7 and 9. That’s like middle age for dogs but very young for humans. Since he had taught the numbers subject…2 bones plus 2 bones is 4 bones unless someone tries to steal one. Anyway, the kids were having trouble getting that number thing at school so he offered to help. They showed him their work from school with big red x’s on each of the things they call problems. Mr. Frick couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Every one of the answers to the problems on the kids’ papers was right. When he asked what was wrong with the answers his daughter told him that the kids hadn’t used the right method to get the answer and showed him one of their school books. There in front of him was a ten lines things they were supposed to do to get the answer. “Ten steps to add two numbers together. How you get to a simple answer is more important than getting the right answer?” he asked. He was starting to heat up. I could see his ears turning red. “When you start to ignore the importance of getting the right answer and concentrate on a bunch of meaningless steps, you’re not only wasting time, you’re wasting the ability of humans thinking for themselves. But, that’s what happens when the politicians get involved in anything. Education is not to teach us to all think alike. It’s to teach us how to think for ourselves and enjoy our special thoughts and freedom while we get the right answers,” he said. I had to think, at least in our dog training, they don’t try to make us stop sniffing to find things.