Dog On Life


My human went to that place where everyone sings and feels better when they come out. It’s called church and they say that God owns the place. When he got home he was excited and called his brother to talk about something he heard there and that it was about politics and elections. Those are when human politicats try to become the alpha-dog and they spend a lot of time on the lighted box growling about the other humans in very nasty ways. He talks to his brother a lot about politics and the politicats and how they bend the truth and often bury it like an old bone. He told his brother that one prayer this morning explained how God might want us to look at elections and the politicats and what they say. It said,

“For this nation and all nations of the world, that those who lead may know truth and practice integrity, that all peoples may grow together in one accord.”

From what I’ve been able to sniff out, based on this, God would disqualify a lot of the politicats…especially in the big elections for the alpha-dog spot. It’s kind of confusing to me. It’s the kind of human behavior that makes us chase our tails. You’d think that if a politicat remembered that God knows what they are saying and thinking they might want to think more about the integrity thing. You know, playing by the rules and telling the truth. After all, they’re always barking, “May God bless America”, when the cameras are there.