Dog On Life

CARTOONS present a very moral lesson…feathers or fur?

Buzz, the retired cop and a couple of his buddies came over last night to watch that fox thing on the lighted box. I am yet to see a real fox on there, but the people are interesting and never at a loss for an opinion. Guess that’s why they’re on the show. Anyway, the big story was that they found out that a lady had used something called a personal email thing to do the beauracat business. Buzz said that was a big no-no and she just might get a lot off grief over doing it. All of the guys thought that she did it to protect herself and not the American pack like she should have been doing. They went around the room giving each guys thoughts on it. The most interesting idea came from Buzz. He’s something like a detecto-cop. They’re the ones who can sniff out a crime and find the one who did it. Kinda like a human Bloodhound. His take on the whole thing was that humans have a way of thinking they’re smarter than they are. Cats have the same problem. That nine-lives thing isĀ  a lot of liter box stuff. Buzz brought up what he said was a cartoon from TV. It’s about a coyote and a bird that I’ve never heard of. Anyway, he said that it shows the difference between being smart and thinking that you are cunning. I think that’s when a human feels that they can outsmart the smart folks. The coyote seemed to think he was cunning and he kept trying different sneaky things to catch the bird. The problem was that he always ended up on the bad side of his own efforts…falling off of cliffs, dropping things on his head, always missing the bird. Buzz said that humans who try to beat the rules with things like not using the right ways to communicate, end up falling off of the cliffs. In his business, the more cunning the bad humans thought that they were, the harder fall they ended up taking. The only question that Buzz had was, “Just how furry this lady and a lot of beauracats will turn out to be.”