Dog On Life

Spook night is every night for many

Every Fall, I wait for the night when humans go crazy and turn into all kinds of things. Mostly it’s the little humans and they come begging at the door. My human gives the candy and they run away laughing. They come dressed as: monsters, turtles and even cats and dogs and anything else. I used to want to bark at them, but my human explained that it is a one night thing and they do it for fun. He ways that they dress up and pretend they are creatures they want to be. It’s called Hallowqueen or something. I’m not sure that it is a one night thing, especially if they are the older humans. When I go to the stores with my human, a lot of them don’t smell like they should based on their looks. Some of them dress like it’s Hallowqueen all of the time. I think that many of them are trying to be something that they are not. Seems like a waste of time. I don’t want to be anything other than a dog. I certainly don’t want to be human with all of those emotional fleas. I wish that humans could be a dog for just one day. We might not get to sit on the couch or sleep in the big bed, but we don’t worry about what others think of us. Just feed us, love us and we’ll be ourselves for you.