Dog On Life

Some Humans are more brutal than any animal

Last night, the old man Colonel was over. He retired after many years as a warrior. He had sent one of those messages on the computer thing. He and my human looked at it. I haven’t been that scared in my life. It made my tail curl. I wanted to bark, but I couldn’t. It showed a bunch of humans with guns. They had things on their heads so they all looked alike. In front of them were a bunch of humans on their knees with their hands tied behind their backs. The humans with the guns spoke a strange language. They all yelled and waved their guns. Then it happened…they began shooting the humans on their knees in the head one at a time. When the humans fell to the ground, they kept shooting them. A big crowd joined in. They kept shooting for a long time at the dead bodies. I almost threw up, and I’ve seen some brutal things in the wild, but never an animal as vicious and filled with hate as this. When the movie stopped, my human asked the old Colonel what he thought. He replied, and this is when it got really scary, “They hate each other because they come from different tribes. In the Middle East right now, this is getting to be the norm. It’s not all people, but the terrorists are flexing their muscles and pushing their domination.” My human asked how bad it might get. The old Colonel thought for a second and then said, “If we’re lucky, the U.S government will get going and make some decisions to help stop the terrorists while they are still in the Middle East. And, they will get rid of the PC thing when it comes to protecting Americans¬† here in the U.S.” My human asked, “What if they don’t?” The Colonel answered without hesitating, “Then one day in the future, we’ll see the same terrorists doing the same thing to men, women and children in Times Square. They hate us more than they hate the men you just saw them mutilate for fun.”