Dog On Life

Teach to the strengths and stop trying to make every one alike.

My human was watching a show on the lighted box. It was about a thing that some humans get called aut-something. It affects the brain. It shows up in different ways in how humans act and what they can understand. A lady on the show was talking about the fact that all people have strengths. Some are good with numbers, some with noticing things others don’t see, and some can remember little things that others can’t. Her point was: Why not find the strengths in people with the Aut-something and bring them out? Kind of reminds me of dogs…breeds that is. We are probably more different from each other than humans ever will be. Some little dogs can catch animals that big dogs can’t. Some big dogs can protect against any kind of animal…including humans. Some dogs can move hundreds of sheep or cows with their motions. Some dogs have a sense of smell that can detect anything anywhere. Humans have learned over the years to help us dogs use our strengths to help the pack, the herd, and humans live better. My human wonders why humans don’t do that for humans. Not all humans are good at numbers or that science stuff, but they are good at something like using their hands, figuring out how things work, or making things. When I sit at the bus stop to greet the kids coming home on the yellow bus, I see them all carrying the same books. Makes me wonder why they all have to learn the same stuff instead of having the time and help to learn to use their strengths to the max? I guess the beaurocats want all humans to be the same. I ain’t going to try to teach the ten pound fluff-ball next door how to take on Dante the Pit Bull down the street. A waste of time and maybe the fluff-ball too. When us dogs are allowed and taught to do what we are good at life, especially ours, is better for all.