Dog On Life

Thanksgiving or Thanks For Giving?

My human and I are at the beach today. It’s a place in a state that almost sounds like George. We are staying in a con-something…it has a lot of little little homes stacked on top of each other. There is a guy staying here who is in a wheelchair thing…he can’t walk. It says on his truck that he is a vet. I think he’s the soldier type and not the dog doctor. Anyway, my human took me to the ocean to watch the waves. It’s very cold and the wind was blowing very hard. We saw the vet leaving the con-whatevers in his wheelchair in the cold and the wind. I don’t even want to think about how hard it would be f0r me to use only my front legs to get around. We went to the beach. My human says that it is over two miles away. As we were almost to the beach, the vet in the wheelchair was coming back from the beach. Later on our way back, we saw him again on his way home. Four miles on a cold and windy day in a wheelchair…my human stopped and said that if he was tired or cold, we were going back to where he was staying, “Thanks, but this is a great day and it feels so good.” My human said to me, “We have a lot to be thankful for and that guy is a big one of them. He paid a big price for all of us, and he’s positive. Makes me feel crappy when I let my little problems or aggravations make me feel like I’m unlucky.” All that food tomorrow and family is all fine, but the real thing for a dog is that we concentrate on people and how good they are all of the time and not on the little stuff like missing a rabbit or that stupid squirrel that sits in the tree screeching at us. We’ll take care of them in time.