Dog On Life

Veterans’ Day…for dogs it is not a day, it is every day!

I love my Vet. He takes care of me. He is so good, he even gets down on the floor with me to keep me from getting nervous. But today is Vet Day, and it’s not about my dog doctor. My human always gets a little quiet on this day when it comes around. I don’t know the date…nobody has created a calender that dogs can read yet. Numbers don’t mean a lot unless it’s the number of meals or treats each day. I can count those. No, this day is so much more important. From what I understand, this Vet Day is to remember the brave warriors who are with us and those who have gone on to a better world. In a dog pack we have those who are always on the look-out for danger. They are always ready to protect the pack…no matter what it costs them. We do have some dogs who will never do that and they don’t seem to appreciate what the warrior dogs do. The warrior dogs ignore them and do it anyway. My human talks to anyone around about how brave humans die. Then he gets a beer and sits down and talks to me. He talks about not getting home to your family. He takes a lot of time to talk about what the family feels about what they lost. I know that brave dogs just know that they have to do the right thing. They know that it might cost them all, but that’s just a dog thing…I think that Human warriors have the same kind of beliefs. It is probably in their souls. Yes, dogs have souls too. What I think about is the human families who have lost a warrior, or those who are taking care of a warrior who will always be damaged. But as a dog, I don’t let a lot of life cloud my brain…God made us that way as a lesson to humans. I can think every day about those who have lost and that they don’t loose for one day a year or whatever a year is. They loose forever. To a dog, every day that we miss something is a reason to remember and wish for the warriors who are lost and those left behind. Humans seem to feel good only about what makes them feel good…that others and their losses, unless they are close in their family don’t seem to matter. In a pack, when one is hurt, all are hurt. Humans appear that they don’t appreciate the local folks called Cops or the other warriors like armed forces…I think that is what they are called, and there are dogs there too, all far away. Dogs do, because we know that we live it all because they give their all. For every child or spouse who cry at night, I wish I could wag my tail and lick their face…every day not just on one day.