Dog On Life

God just doesn’t go away

Father O’Toole was in front of the big house with the cross on top when we walked by. I don’t know why they call him father…he doesn’t have any kids. My human and the Father were talking about another order from the guys with all the stuff on their chests that run the place that humans who fly the fast planes go to learn…I think that it’s a college. The flyers say a few words to show they are loyal to the pack and will fly the right way. The humans who run the place seem to have a problem with mentioning God in those words. So, they said it is no longer part of the words in the promise, but the humans can say God if they want. It seems that if they are trying to take God out of things, they are doing just the opposite. I’m a dog, but God created us too. From what I’ve heard, while I wait outside of the house with the big cross for my human, God wants us to do the right thing because we believe in Him and want to live good, not because we think we have to. The way I see it, the guys with all the stuff on their chests have given the flyers the chance to show God and others that they want to say God in those words because they believe it is right. When you try to mess with the things I know are right for me, you just make me want to do those things more…well, I do get a treat once in a while for doing them. My bet is that the humans will say the word God in the promise a little louder from now on. People have been trying to take God out of things for a very long time. He just doesn’t go away, and humans believe in Him and in goodness.