Dog On Life

Freedom to choose…protect it or loose it

We were back at the beer place again out on the porch. Rufus was there too. Now Rufus is not the smartest dog in the pack, but he does have a good sense of what is right. We were listening to our humans…okay, we were also begging for pretzels. They were talking about how the alpha dogs on Cap-it-all hill were changing the rules of living. There is a thing called the FD something. They try to say what humans can and cannot eat. Then there is this new thing. The one with the web-something that was broken before it was started. This, whatever it is, will change how humans get doctor help and what doctor they can go to. The humans were pretty upset with that one. I think the thing that sticks in their paws the most is that the Cap-it-all hill humans put things into place without thinking how many other things they will upset. It was clear that these humans take credit for the things that happen to work, and avoid blame like a skunk for the things that don’t work. As I said, Rufus is not the smartest dog in the pack, but he looked at me and growled, “Dogs are now much better off than humans. At least we can still eat what we want and go to the vet we like the best.” Maybe the biggest problem with the Cap-it-all hill gang is that humans have to wait two to four years to change them. Instead of a butt out, they have to use a ballot-something to make changes. Maybe if they bark and growl harder and more often, the Cap-it-all hill gang will get the message.