Dog On Life

Bullies…like those who train dogs to fight

When the lighted box is on, I listen to the news. I don’t get it all, but dogs understand many more words than humans would suspect. In the last while, I hear more about young humans killing students and teachers and some killing themselves. As a dog, I can’t remember a dog killing itself. There was old Champ who thought he was the best squirrel getter in the pack until he chased the squirrel under the trash truck. I think that was an accident. Anyway, on the lighted box, they say that many of the young humans doing all of this have been bullied by other young humans. I think that means being called names and maybe hit or something. It appears that if it goes on for a long time, some can’t take it. They also said that humans use something call soc med or something to say mean things about the one being bullied. It seems to me that the humans who train dogs to fight might come from the same kind of thinking. They can’t do things themselves so they train dogs to fight to make themselves feel tough. The human bullies pick on others to make themselves feel tougher or better than the one who is picked on. They also might have been bullied, had bad parents or brothers and sisters. What is sure is that they have no feelings for the dogs in dog fighting and humans in the young humans picking on other humans. The strange thing is that good humans spend a lot of time catching the ones who train dogs to fight and punish them pretty hard. Why don’t they also spend time to catch the bullies and punish them? If you live like a puppy who puts their head under a blanket so: If-I-don’t-see-it-I-can’t do anything-about-it…you are just letting it happen. A human life must be worth as much as a dog life.