Dog On Life

The stress of being human

Back at the dark liquid place today on the outside area…I wish they’d meet at the chicken place across the street. I don’t get the dogs can’t go into places where humans eat and drink. We don’t sneeze on people like humans do, but what the woof? My human was talking to his friends about an old buddy who came home from the Army. I guess he’s having trouble thinking or something. They said that he has a four letter word thing…PTSD. It makes him very nervous and he can’t always sleep and all. The “S” is for stress. We all know what that is, but humans have a lot more than the average dog. They said the PT kind of stress comes after some really tough stuff like war and bad accidents. What humans don’t understand is that most of them have PIS…stress after an every day incident. I hear my human and his friends all the time talking about how upset they are about missing  a sale, getting in an argument, sitting in the car in traffic, not chasing that little ball around with the club thing because it’s raining or cold. Humans get worked up about a lot of not important things. Us dogs don’t. I miss a lot of squirrels because they run up trees. I don’t get upset because I missed them or that I can’t climb  trees. There will be more squirrels tomorrow. I just have to learn how to get into position to cut them off. We get upset if we fail to protect our humans or their  house, don’t bark if we see strangers trying to get into a neighbors house, or let a person pick on our human’s kid. But the missing a squirrel or rabbit or a walk on a bad weather day just makes us look forward to tomorrow and another chance. I just don’t understand why humans don’t do that more often.