Dog On Life

When you reach out to help, good things happen

I went to the pet store yesterday with my human. It’s one of my favorite places. A lot of smells and even other things like: birds and fish and lizards, and yes even cats. It was a bit sad because the local rescue group was having the adopt thing. They had all kinds of dogs that needed homes. I wanted to get my human to take them all, but that’s not possible. He has adopted five dogs over the years. They have all been good to him and his family. The most recent one is a good friend of mine…you might say that we date sometimes. She is funny. Like a lot of human women, she is very vocal. She doesn’t bark a lot, but she can make some very strange grunts and other noises. As it turns out, she is almost a full blooded Smooth Coated Collie. Maggie 002They were bred in Scotland to herd sheep. She has  kept a lot of those in-the-pasture personality things. She tries to sneak up on rabbits…kind of like getting into position to herd them. She can take ten minutes to get into position…not unlike human women putting on make up or picking out a dress. She eats a lot of grass…what else do you learn to eat when you’re in the pasture all day? You can’t eat the sheep. She is very spirited and can get excited so he sent her away for a month of training. She hasn’t been on a leash in two years and she loves to go to Home Depot and Lowes and walk around the store looking at people. He tells all of his friends that it is incredible how training makes a dog so much more enjoyable. She even stopped trying to herd me. A guy has to have some independence. If you don’t have a dog, it  feels really good to reach out and give one a home. It also adds a lot to your family even if you already have a dog.