Dog On Life

Humans don’t understand other humans, especially if they are from far away places

The lighted box is full of humans talking about Syrupy or someplace like that. I guess it’s far away. There is a war going on. Some of the people don’t like the Alpha Human. So, they have been fighting to get ride of him. The fighting seems to be very bad and a lot of innocent people including human puppies are getting hurt or killed. It’s like when they put two innocent Pit-bulls in a ring and only one comes out. The humans here in our country are trying to decide how to get involved and who to get involved with. Each day it seems that it is harder to choose what to do. Apparently, most of the humans are what they call Mooslems, but they are from different packs. Now each side is doing some really terrible things to humans in the other packs. They are also killing humans who are not Mooselems like the Christians. It is now even harder to know who to help, because we live in a country where the packs are different, but mostly Christian. I don’t think that humans really understand how people in far off places think. They don’t think like any human that I know. Many humans here are saying that we should have done something a l0ng time ago before things got this bad. I do know that when a dog fight starts, it’s better to give help to stop it sooner than later, when there might not be enough of the good dog left to save. If you wait to be exactly right, and you don’t understand which dog is the good one, it might be better to walk on and give help to the innocent victims when you get the chance. I think that they are called Rough-a-gees, or something like that.

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