Dog On Life

Parents, Dog Owners and Politicians back up your words or loose.

My human and I have a very simple relationship…we don’t BS (meaning Bark Stupid) to each other. What he says and what I tell him with head nods, tail wages and my noises is what we obey. If he says come, that means now and not next week. He doesn’t have to BS because he knows that I understand what humans call consequences are…play by the rules we understand or something unpleasant is going to happen. It works really good for us. But when we’re at the dog park, the play ground or in a store, I see humans BS with their pets and children all of the time. The pets and children must be very confused. They call their dog and call their dog a few more times until the dog decides to show up. When they are in a store with a child who is screaming for a toy or food, they say no a few times and then give it to the brat anyway just to shut them up. That kid was just plain Barking Stupid. It all comes down to: if you say it or bark it, you have to mean it. If not they don’t listen to you the next time you BS.  In politics it’s even worse. When you say that if X is done by another country or person it will cause a line to be crossed, you better be ready to bring on the unpleasant experience or you’re just Barking Stupid and the opponent will laugh and think that you are weak. When you want respect, there’s nothing worse with kids, dogs or politicians than Barking Stupid.

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