Dog On Life

If humans had a good nose

My human had a friend over and they were watching that show about foxes, but you never see a fox. The humans on the show were talking about how some politicats don’t say the truth a lot of the time. Some dogs have the same problem. They think that if they bark long enough like there is a danger there, eventually the pack will believe it. My human was talking about the politicats and how the truth doesn’t matter to them. They make things up or deny things over and over again and people start to believe them. He says it’s creating a perception and the truth get’s pushed aside. The barking dog isn’t that lucky. Dogs have noses that pick up scents. We know if there is danger or not based on what is in the air and how it smells. Believe me, danger has a smell you can’t ignore. I guess that humans will never develop a dog’s sense of smell. But they could start by asking, “Why would a politicat lie? Then look a little deeper at those reasons. When they find the truth, then they start barking. I think my human calls it credit-ability or something. Seems right to me.

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