Dog On Life

Sixty-nine years later, only a few of the brave dogs are left.

Stormy, the retired war dog, was at the park today. He was quiet and was laying off by himself. I left Rufus and the others and went to see if he was well. “I’m not sick. It’s a special day and I’m thinking about some humans who took a swim that changed the world”, he replied. “Like swimming a long way?” I asked. “No. It wasn’t a long swim, but it was the hardest one ever. It was a place called Normandy and the swimmers were soldiers going against the enemy. They were under really bad fire and the enemy were all hiding in holes and throwing a lot at them down below. I saw some tough times in that Afgan-whatever, but nothing like that,” he replied. “Why were they doing it in such a hard place?” I asked. “They were freeing millions of humans in a place called Europe from some very nasty humans. They did it because, like us dogs, they had sense of duty for caring for humans,” Stormy replied. “I didn’t hear about it on the lighted box. When did it happen and what was the outcome?” I asked. Stormy sat up and shook his head. “It was sixty years ago and they won. But the lost a lot of soldiers and it took years more of fighting until it was over.” “Aren’t you happy that they won?” I asked. “About that I am, but humans confuse me many times. Their memories are so short.” he said with a sad look. “They confuse me too, mostly they’re good. I guess the memory thing might apply.” “In this case it does. We lost a lot of good brave soldiers…the ones that were loyal like us dogs. But these years later, to the children and grandchildren of the millions of humans saved, it doesn’t matter…they don’t like us and they don’t remember those who didn’t come home.” “Now we remember, and I have to think that many good humans do and always will. Some humans have a few of our good traits,” I replied. “Thanks for that. Just promise that you won’t forget what happened on that terrible swim,” Stormy said and laid down.

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