Dog On Life

For the Dogs and Warriors who gave it all

My human gets a bit solemn at this time every year. He was telling a friend that it’s the weekend where we are supposed to remember the Military People, including the Service Dogs who did not come home, and those who came home but are not whole. I think that means that they were hurt bad. He was saying that he gets upset when people use the weekend as a picnic and beer time without any thought about what these people paid so that the beer and food are still reasonable and that we are free to enjoy them. It seems that many see heroes today as people who can sing, make a bunch at a sport, or maybe just dress and act stupid to entertain folks. I guess to many humans, if you are not on the lighted box, you don’t count as a person to look up to. He ended the conversation with a thought that I am still trying to really understand in dog terms…”When we give our respect to others for no deserving reason, we’re actually giving our self respect away for cheap.”

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