Dog On Life

Did you or didn’t you know what you didn’t know?

Rufus was at the dog park today with his human who is really into the politicat thing. Rufus was confused…he often is. But his confusion made sense. He had been listening to the lighted box with all the humans talking on it. There are a few problems in the big white house and the Alpha Humans are being asked a lot of questions about what they know and when they knew it. I guess, the Alpha Humans were telling the humans that were asking that they were, as we say, barking up the wrong trees. The more that Rufus listened, he couldn’t understand how the Alpha Humans kept changing the tree that they thought the others were barking up. To top it off, they couldn’t remember when they were told which tree they might know something about or if they still didn’t know anything about the trees. I finally told Rufus that humans don’t have good noses so they can never be sure of what tree they’re talking about and the other humans have to hold investi-somethings to find out. If it was a dog thing, we wouldn’t need an investi-whatever. We’d know which tree the Alphas knew about because their scent would be there. Humans leave their scent in some machines, so they have to go through a lot of paper to find who peed on the tree and when they did it. Rufus was still a little confused, but I told him that the humans were too…sometimes on purpose.

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