Dog On Life

Keep your nose up and your eyes open

I heard the humans on the lighted box saying that two bombs went off at a race in a place called Boston. Many people were hurt and I guess three died. People were wondering how it could have happened. In the dog world, we’re lucky to have the sense of smell. That’s why they use us for finding bombs and that stuff that humans smoke. The truth is that coming from the wild over 14,000 years ago to join humans, we still retain our natural curiosity and caution. We’ve been attacked by animals and, sorry to say, humans too. We like the world and trust those that we know, but our job is to protect our pack, and human families are the pack for most of us. It’s easy to be distracted, especially when you are at a fun event. Humans mostly have a much greater sense of sight.They see more details than we do. So, knowing that in the human world there are those who will harm and attack, humans have to be more aware of their surroundings. They just have to use their eyes like we use our noses. If it doesn’t quite look right, or if something shouldn’t be there, bark to the nearest person who can help and get out of the way. A backpack isn’t always just a backpack when it isn’t being help by a human.

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