Dog On Life

A tribute to my human’s special best friend

My human had a dog named Bogey who was very special to him. They enjoyed the kind of bond that all dogs look for…it’s a big part of why we’re here looking after humans. On the day that Bogey died, my human wrote this. It explains the way that we dogs feel and many humans do too.


“Some days are worse than others, and some days are almost unbearable. Today was one of those days. My best friend Bogey died this morning. I’m not sure how I really feel. That will take a while. There are beings in your life like family and friends that are very special to you…and then there are dogs. Bogey was a special kind of dog. He did the usual things dogs do. He cared about people to the fullest. He was faithful beyond belief. He understood my moods and he listened to my problems with a soft head in my lap and a tail that expressed true love. He was the most patient soul I’ve ever known. He understood that nothing other than a good squirrel chase on a crisp sunny morning with his friend along was ever totally perfect. He appreciated with incredible joy the simplest form of affection…a pat on the head, a good ear scratching, and especially a Milk Bone or piece of pretzel. He would go past other dogs to get to their owner to show his affection for people with a wagging tail and an admiring look. He was the inspiration for my second book Black Dog Redemption. He was the basis for the special Black Dogs. I believe in them and the importance of their affection, devotion, and faith in humans. Plato once said, “Dogs have the soul of a philosopher.” I know that my friend Bogey surely did. He shared his soul with all of us with a tail that wagged his whole body as he approached us to tell us how much he loved, trusted, and appreciated us. Maybe God gave us dogs so that we could learn how to be more human. I know that I’m not as good as Bogey at that, but I’m much better for having known and loved him.”

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